Časopis Slovo a slovesnost
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Dosavadní výzkum oprav a zvláště sebeoprav jako inspirace pro výzkum syntaxe mluvené češtiny

Kamila Mrázková, Jiří Homoláč



Research on repair, especially self-repair, as an inspiration for the description of the syntax of spoken Czech

The article provides an overview of two approaches to the issue of repairs, especially self-repairs. After summarizing the main findings of work done in Conversation Analysis, the authors focus on the “syntax of repair”, i.e. the body of research which, though inspired by Conversation Analysis, concentrates mostly on the relationship between practices of doing self-repair and the syntactic and morphological features of a given language. Drawing upon the existing findings and a preliminary analysis of their own data, the authors establish the following objectives for the research on self-repairs in spoken Czech: a) to set up an inventory of both verbal and non-verbal initiators of self-repairs in Czech and to describe their usage, and in the case of verbal initiators, to verify whether this usage is affected by other meanings of the given expression, b) to describe the basic operations used in doing self-repair in Czech, and c) to find out to what extent the scope and structure of the repair segment (i.e. whether and how much of the linguistic context of the repairable is repeated or possibly modified) are influenced by the morphosyntactic features of Czech.

Key words: self-repair, repair, initiatior, projectivity, syntax of repair
Klíčová slova: sebeoprava, oprava, signál opravy / iniciátor, projektivita, syntax oprav

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Ústav pro jazyk český AV ČR, v. v. i.
Letenská 4, 118 51 Praha 1

Slovo a slovesnost, ročník 79 (2018), číslo 2, s. 141-156

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