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Klasifikace honorifikačních toponym

Jaroslav David



The classification of commemorative place names

The article focuses on the subject of classification of commemorative place names. The main purpose of the research is to show the relation between the motivation for the place name and its linguistic form, i.e. the toponymic models and particular formants used to create a place name. The specificity of commemorative place names is illustrated on the one hand through the use of traditional toponymic models and formants and on the other hand through their motivation. Not only personal names, but also place names and chrematonyms appear in the bases of commemorative place names. This issue is illustrated using Czech place names and their development in the context of the Central European countries and the Soviet Union (and later, the Russian Federation) during the 20th century.

Key words: commemorative place names, place names, Czech toponymy, proper names
Klíčová slova: honorifikační jména, toponyma, česká toponymie, vlastní jména

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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 72 (2011), number 1, pp. 13-27

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