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Konstrukce s rozpadem tématu a dikta v češtině

Václava Kettnerová



Constructions with the splitting of the theme and dictum in Czech

The present paper deals with Czech constructions with the splitting of the theme and dictum. They are realized by some classes of verbs of communication and verbs that express mental actions. The characteristic feature of these constructions lies in the fact that one of their participants – the participant message – occupies two valency slots. In the present contribution, syntactic properties, especially valency characteristics, of these constructions are our main interest. However, both morphological and semantic features have to be taken into account within their description. Finally, these constructions deserve close attention with regard to coreference relations. On the basis of the corpus evidence, we demonstrate that the theme represents an antecedent to which the coreferring expression(s) that is/are a part of the dictum refer(s). In principle, two kinds of coreference occur in the constructions examined: (i) textual and (ii) content coreference. In the latter case, an explicit anaphoric relation is missing, and the relationship between the coreferred and the coreferring element(s) is based on various semantic relations. For these reasons, we assume that constructions with the splitting of the theme and dictum are not synonymous with constructions without the splitting due to divergent truth conditions.

Key words: splitting of the theme and dictum, verbs of communication and verbs of mental action, syntactic properties, valency, textual and content coreference
Klíčová slova: rozpad tématu a dikta, verba dicendi a cogitandi, syntaktické vlastnosti, valence, textová a obsahová koreference

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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 70 (2009), number 3, pp. 163-174

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