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Možnosti generativní klasifikace infinitivu

Ludmila Veselovská



Analyses of infinitival structures in generative framework

In this article I discuss Czech infinitival structures to illustrate the classification and methods of analyses used in generative framework. Introducing the null category of PRO I show the distinctions between Raising and Control verbs, between ECM verbs and PROOBJ structures. I also describe the process of restructuralization and the diagnostics of the phenomena in more detail. I mention some existing studies of Czech infinitives and the most influential analyses in English, Italian and German. I conclude that the present-day analyses of infinitives are still in many aspects problematic and they depend on the development of the field, including the format of the structure and assumptions concerning the distribution of thematic roles.

Key words: infinitive, PRO, restructuralization, control verbs
Klíčová slova: infinitiv, PRO, restrukturalizace, kontrola

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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 70 (2009), number 4, pp. 314-326

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