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Teleologie jako jeden ze základních pojmů Pražského lingvistického kroužku?

Jan Kořenský



Is teleology one of the basic concepts of the Prague Linguistic Circle?

If we are to understand Prague School Functionalism in the sense of the first paragraph of the Theses presented by the Prague Linguistic Circle to the First Congress of Slavists held in Prague in 1929, teleology becomes a single-word synonym for the dynamic functional structure “means–aim/purpose/function”. In such a case, it not necessary to view it as one of the basic concepts of the Prague School. However, if we are to understand the issue such that language is above all an immanent structure which is intentionally “aware” of its movement toward goals, then teleology is one of the basic concepts of the Prague School. The first case represents a question of the relationships “means–aim/purpose/function”, while in the second it is entirely appropriate to speak of goals.

Key words: teleology, Prague School
Klíčová slova: teleologie, Pražská škola

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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 69 (2008), number 1-2, pp. 44-48

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