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Vztahy mezi sémantikou a aktuálním členěním z pohledu anglistických členů Pražského lingvistického kroužku

Libuše Dušková



The relations between semantics and functional sentence perspective as seen by Anglicist members of the Prague Linguistic Circle

Based on the generally recognized close relationship between functional sentence perspective (FSP) and semantics, this paper concentrates on the treatment of the semantic component of this relationship in the works of Vilém Mathesius, Bohumil Trnka and members of the Brno school. While Mathesius laid the foundations of the theory, Trnka touched upon it only in a general outline. A detailed elaboration of the semantic aspect has been presented within his theoretical framework by Jan Firbas, who treats the relationship of FSP to semantics in terms of a dual semantics, static and dynamic. In the works of his colleagues and followers, this approach has been extended to more complex structures, and accordingly somewhat modified. This paper draws attention to the question of whether the specific FSP semantics entirely cancels differing sentence semantics or whether the latter still plays a role and the two can be brought into agreement.

Key words: functional sentence perspective, semantics, Prague Linguistic Circle
Klíčová slova: aktuální členění, sémantika, Pražský lingvistický kroužek

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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 69 (2008), number 1-2, pp. 67-77

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