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Větné faktory a jejich podíl na analýze věty III

Ladislav Nebeský, Pavel Novák



Sentence factors and their role in sentence analysis III

This article is a continuation of our previous paper (Nebeský & Novák 1996) in which the partial stages between a sentence and its syntactic analysis were established. Their definition was based on the specific features of a sentence, called sentence factors, which can be blocked in the actual realization of the sentence. In addition to the word order, two other sentence factors were considered: inflectional realization (the selection of the “forms” of all lexemes in a sentence) and lexical realization (the selection of the lexemes belonging to the same conjugation or declension paradigm for each content word of a sentence). In the present article, the concept of a sentence factor is viewed from a broader perspective and the objective of its use is extended. One more sentence factor, context, is considered a complement to the original factors and individual modifications of the word order and inflectional realization are listed. Our attention is mainly focused on the criticism of a lexical realization factor. Its original definition is retained but the factor itself is replaced by a cluster of “lexical” factors.

Key words: sentence analysis, sentence factor, sentence factor blocking
Klíčová slova: větný rozbor, větný faktor, blokování větného faktoru

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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 68 (2007), number 4, pp. 243-255

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