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Strukturalismus – fenomenologie – avantgarda

Zdeněk Mathauser



Structuralism – phenomenology – avant-garde

Czech literary theory and historiography face a task similar to that of Holenstein’s uncovering of the link between Jakobson’s linguistics and Husserl’s phenomenology. Ties between the structuralism of Prague School literary theory and Husserl’s phenomenology can be detected in the work of Jan Mukařovský. They are suggested by the notions of reduction and essentiality; by transparency as well as by the opacity of the avant-garde poetry which accompanied Russian formalism and Czech structuralism; by the apsychologism that is common to phenomenology, structuralism and the avant-garde. The question as to whether the principal phenomenological value, i.e. transcendental subject, was reflected in avant-garde poetry can be answered only on the basis of a demanding and non-traditional analysis of its utmost achievements. On the other hand, the cult of things in avant-garde poetry is highly conspicuous: within it is a glimpse of one of many meanings of the “things themselves” persistent in the phenomenology of Husserl and Heidegger.

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Vršovická 81, 180 00 Praha 10

Slovo a slovesnost, volume 66 (2005), number 3, pp. 163-175

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