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K článku Od školské spisovnosti ke standardní češtině: reakce na výzvu k diskusi

Jan Kořenský



On the article From school-imposed literary norms to Standard Czech: A reaction to the call for discussion

The author agrees with the need to discuss the problems surrounding the functional stratification of contemporary Czech expressed in the article by F. Čermák, P. Sgall and P. Vybíral (2005). He requests that this discussion take place with maximum effort made to achieve theoretical precision, within a framework of possibilities without a priori ideologizing and in a truly dialogic manner. In this sense, the author provides several suggestions. Above all it is necessary for the differences of opinion originating from varying interpretations of Czech national history to be mutually elucidated, but it is especially necessary to clarify the mutual relationship between the differing methodological points of departure from a purely linguistic perspective. If we are to substitute the previously existing traditional conceptual schemes based on the term ‘literary language’ with a scheme centered around the term ‘standard’, it is necessary to do so in a thorough, consistent and structured manner.

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Katedra bohemistiky FF UP
Křížkovského 10, Olomouc

Slovo a slovesnost, volume 66 (2005), number 4, pp. 270-277

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