Časopis Slovo a slovesnost
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Požadavky na úroveň diskuse o spisovné/standardní češtině

Karel Oliva



Requirements for the level of discussion on literary/standard Czech

This text is a methodological rather than a “research-based” reaction to the article by F. Čermák, P. Sgall and P. Vybíral (2005). Its central topic is constituted by a detailed survey of individual statements in the article. In many cases, these statements are shown to be in conflict with empirical facts (mainly with corpus evidence) or, even worse, with each other. In the final section, the current paper argues for either producing valid, consistent, and, last but not least, new argumentation in the discussion called for, or for dropping the idea altogether, since it might otherwise endanger the scientific level of Slovo a slovesnost. The appendix presents a list of relevant literature which must be considered, should the discussion take place.

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Ústav pro jazyk český AV ČR
Letenská 4, 118 51 Praha 1

Slovo a slovesnost, volume 66 (2005), number 4, pp. 278-290

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