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Performativnost a gramatické kategorie slovesa

Milada Hirschová



Performativity and verbal categories

The article deals with specific features pertaining to the verbal categories of person, mood (partially voice), tense and aspect in illocutionary verbs arising from the occurrence of mentioned verbs in performatively used utterances (in the basic form of the 1st person singular indicative, present tense imperfective). The notion of performativity is explained as a pragmatic value of an utterance, based on the accomplishment of a deed (act) denoted by the lexical meaning of a verbum dicendi while the core of the speech act performance consists of the coincidence of locution and illocution (in an Austinian sense). The essential prerequisite making the utterance suitable for performative use is deemed to lie in its temporal qualities, shown through Reichenbach’s tense deconstruction.

Key words: performativity, coincidence of locution and illocution, tense deconstruction
Klíčová slova: performativnost, koincidence lokuce a ilokuce, dekonstrukce časových významů

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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 73 (2012), number 1, pp. 3-12

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