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К вопросу о соотношении центра и периферии в структуре грамматических единств

Александр Бондарко



On the relationship between center and periphery in the structure of grammatical units

This article discusses the significant role of František Daneš’s work in the area of grammatical theory. It deals with the question of center and periphery in the structure of grammatical units. It shows that elements of systemic analysis are essential both for traditional grammar and for functional-semantic grammatical research. Particular attention is devoted to the concepts of “functional-semantic field” and “categorial situation”, taking into account the factor of the interaction between the system and the environment (based above all on material from Russian). In the analysis of the categorial situation, elements of the paradigmatic system of the language are connected to the syntagmatic aspects of speech. Issues concerning both semantics and the means of its formal expression are taken into consideration.

Key words: grammatical category, grammatical unit, functional-semantic field, categorial situation, components of the center and periphery of the language system
Ключевые слова: грамматическая категория, грамматическое единство, функционально-семантическое поле, категориальная ситуация, центральные и периферийные компоненты языковой системы

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Институт лингвистических исследований Российской академии наук
199053, Санкт-Петербург, Тучков переулок, 9, Россия

Slovo a slovesnost, volume 75 (2014), number 3, pp. 193-199

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