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Call for abstracts for a special issue of Slovo a slovesnost “Indo-European comparative linguistics: recent development and state-of-the-art”



Call for abstracts for a special issue of Slovo a slovesnost “Indo-European comparative linguistics: recent development and state-of-the-art”

Call for Abstracts

For a special issue of Slovo a slovesnost


Indo-European comparative linguistics: recent development

and state-of-the-art



Václav Blažek & Ondřej Šefčík

(Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic)


Concept and aims: During the last quarter century, Indo-European linguistics has undergone remarkable development. On the one hand, the daughter Indo-European branches are being continually enriched by discoveries of new texts and their interpretations (this is especially apparent in the case of Iranian, Anatolian, Mycenaean, Italic, Continental Celtic, Old Runic and Tocharian). On the other hand, the stances of individual schools are gradually converging in the reconstruction of the Indo-European proto-language in the perspective of particular language strata: phonological, morphological, syntactic and lexical-etymological. These four strata form the foundation for the construction of synthetic disciplines such as Indo-European onomastics, comparative mythology, the determination of the Indo-European homeland in time and space, and the evaluation of external relations to other language families in both areal and genealogical perspectives. This special issue of Slovo a slovesnost will be based on the following outline:

1. Indo-European comparative-historical phonetics

2. Indo-European comparative-historical morphology (nomen, pronomen, verbum)

3. Indo-European comparative syntax

4. Indo-European etymology

5. Indo-European onomastics

6. Indo-European comparative mythology

7. The Indo-European homeland in geographical and temporal perspectives

8. External relations of Indo-European in areal and genealogical perspectives

The purpose of the planned special issue is to present Indo-European linguistics through the lens of these eight thematic areas in their recent development resulting in the contemporary state of knowledge.

Timeline and procedure: Abstracts (max. 1 standard page, 1800 characters including spaces) should be sent to the addresses below by January 31, 2015. The abstracts will be evaluated by the editors of the issue and the journal editor-in-chief. Selected authors will be informed by e-mail by February 28, 2015. The deadline for completed articles (c. 28 standard pages or 50,400 characters including spaces) is September 30, 2015. Abstracts and articles can be written in Czech, English or German. The issue will be published in 2016. All articles will undergo the standard review procedure.

Slovo a slovesnost is indexed/abstracted in the Arts and Humanities Citation Index and the Journal Citation Reports / Social Sciences Edition published on the ISI Web of Knowledge by Thomson Reuters.

Abstracts should be sent to the following e-mail addresses:

<blazek@phil.muni.cz>, <sefcik@phil.muni.cz>, <slovo@ujc.cas.cz>.

Slovo a slovesnost, volume 75 (2014), number 3

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