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Josef Dobrovský Fellowship



Josef Dobrovský Fellowship


Josef Dobrovský



The Czech Language Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences invites foreign researchers specializing in Czech language or Central European society and culture to apply for the Josef Dobrovský Fellowship.

The Josef Dobrovský Fellowship enables short-term stays of foreign scholars for 15–45 days at one of the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The programme is aimed at PhD students and postdoctoral as well as senior researchers.

The objective of the fellowship is to support Czech studies in both national and territorial delimitation by means of financing short-term study stays of foreign researchers at the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The fellowship is intended for researchers who studying Czech historical, cultural, linguistic, geographic or natural science topics.




Contact person:
Dr. Tamah Sherman
Czech Language Institute
Czech Academy of Sciences

Slovo a slovesnost, volume 83 (2022), number 3, p. 240

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