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Poznámky k syntaxi předložky před

Pavel Caha



On the syntax of the preposition před

In this paper, I look at the syntax of the preposition před ‘in front of’ in its temporal uses, where it means ‘before’ or ‘ago.’ In particular, I analyze PPs such as před hodinou, lit. in front of an hour, meaning ‘an hour ago,’ and I argue that while ‘an hour’ behaves like a complement of the preposition from the perspective of word order and case, semantically it is a measure phrase. I propose an analysis in which ‘an hour’ starts out as a measure phrase, but ends up as a complement as a result of a transformation displacing the adposition to the left of the measure phrase.

Key words: preposition, prepositional phrase, measure phrase, case attraction
Klíčová slova: předložka, předložková fráze, měrová fráze, atrakce pádu

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Universitet i Tromsø
Teorifagbygget, H4P5, Breivika, 9037, Tromsø, Norway

Slovo a slovesnost, volume 70 (2009), number 4, pp. 287-294

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