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K diskusi o spisovné a „standardní“ češtině

Robert Adam



On the discussion of literary and “standard” Czech

This is a critical assessment of the claims and arguments given in the article by Čermák, Sgall, and Vybíral (2006). Examining individual statements in this article, the present paper finds, among others, that 1) there is not enough evidence in the article for what is said about the history and the present state of language management in the Czech Republic as well as about the treatment of the Czech language in schools; 2) existing norms of language communication are ignored, as are the social and cultural roles of literary Czech; and 3) the article fails to clearly explain its central concept of “standard” language.

Key words: functional approach, communication norms, codification
Klíčová slova: funkční přístup, komunikační normy, kodifikace

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Ústav českého jazyka a teorie komunikace FF UK
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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 68 (2007), number 3, pp. 184-189

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