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Cmorej a Tichý o jazyce a jeho logické analýze

Jiří Raclavský



Cmorej and Tichý on language and its logical analysis

Slovak logician Pavel Cmorej has recently opened up the question of the nature of logical analysis of natural language in a new way. He shows, for example, that attributing meaning to some meaningful language expression is an a priori and analytic statement, if a language is examined as a given. This is because a meaningful expression is best conceived as a pair consisting of a semi-expression and an assigned meaning. I show that these claims as well as many other observations are fully compatible with the late Czech philosopher and logician Pavel Tichý’s specific concept of language as a code system.

Key words: logical analysis of natural language, Pavel Cmorej, Pavel Tichý
Klíčová slova: logická analýza přirozeného jazyka, Pavel Cmorej, Pavel Tichý

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Katedra filozofie FF MU
Arne Nováka 1, 602 00 Brno

Slovo a slovesnost, volume 67 (2006), number 1, pp. 27-35

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