Časopis Slovo a slovesnost
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Slovo a slovesnost, volume 80 (2019), number 4


243 Jiří Homoláč, Kamila Mrázková: “Excuse me, I will write what I want on my private Twitter account”: Blending discursive practices and identities on Czech journalists’ Twitter accounts and negotiating their private status

265 Luboš Veselý, Vojtěch Veselý: Negative-mutational verbs and presupposition in Czech

285 Pavel Štichauer: Endangered complexity: Mixed perfective auxiliation systems in some Italian dialects


306 Jana Straková, Milan Straka, Jan Hajič, Martin Popel: Deep learning in the automatic analysis of Czech text

Book reviews

328 Jiří Nekvapil, Martin Havlík: Rebecca Clift: Conversation Analysis

334 Petr Kaderka: David McNeill: Why We Gesture: The Surprising Role of Hand Movements in Communication

340 Daniel Rusek, Dan Faltýnek: Robert C. Berwick – Noam Chomsky: Why Only Us: Language and Evolution


346 Eva Hajičová, Jarmila Panevová: In memoriam Petr Sgall


349 Volume 80/2019: Contents

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